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FFC: Bob's Burgers (PG)

FFC: Bob's Burgers

A ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob's Burgers, blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belchers' plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family's restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope as they try to get back behind the counter.

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Tuesday 5 Jul 202211:0011:30

FFC: Paw Patrol:Dino Rescue (U)

FFC: Paw Patrol:Dino Rescue

ROAR into a prehistoric land with the PAW Patrol in these six dino-mite tales, including two double-length missions! Join the pups as they roll into Dino Wilds to keep their new friends safe from an erupting volcano and a scheming dino egg thief. Then, the team gears up for a robotic dinosaur adventure!

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Saturday 9 Jul 202211:0011:30
Tuesday 12 Jul 202211:0011:30

FFC: Lightyear (PG)

FFC: Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear embarks on an intergalactic adventure with a group of ambitious recruits and his robot companion.

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Saturday 16 Jul 202211:0011:30
Tuesday 19 Jul 202211:0011:30

FFC: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (12A)

FFC: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

When Shredder and his evil Foot Clan wreak havoc in New York, four genetically mutated turtles rise from the sewers to free the city from his control.

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Saturday 23 Jul 202211:0011:30
Tuesday 26 Jul 202211:00

FFC: Sing 2 (U)

FFC: Sing 2

Ever-optimistic koala, Buster Moon, and his all-star cast of performers prepare to launch their most dazzling stage extravaganza yet… all in the glittering entertainment capital of the world. There’s just one hitch: They first have to persuade the world’s most reclusive rock star–played by global music icon Bono, in his animated film debut–to join them.

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Tuesday 26 Jul 202211:00

FFC: Minions The Rise of Gru (U)

FFC: Minions The Rise of Gru

In the 1970s, young Gru tries to join a group of supervillains called the Vicious 6 after they oust their legendary leader. When the interview turns disastrous, Gru and his Minions find themselves on the run with the Vicious 6 hot on their tails

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Saturday 30 Jul 202211:0011:30
Tuesday 2 Aug 202211:0011:30